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Powers of attorney.

Powers of attorney are often executed in the following scenarios: a real estate transaction for a person living out of state, a spouse traveling long distances for long periods of time, or from one business partner or another for a particular purpose. These powers of attorney can be revoked at any time. At Pharis Law Offices, we have developed comprehensive powers of attorney forms as well as more specific ones as the occasion may arise.

As it is called in common law states, a "durable power of attorney", is a power of attorney that continues in effect past the point that the person giving it has the capacity to realize what they have given. This is often most useful in the case of an elderly parent who is physically or mentally disabled and needs a spouse or child to care for his affairs directly with banks, insurance companies, and creditors.

At Pharis Law Offices, we often encourage elderly clients to execute not only a durable power of attorney, but simultaneously a will and Living Will.

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