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You may have heard that in Louisiana, you don't really need a will.

While it is true that the law provides for an orderly succession if you don't have one, wills give definite advantages to your heirs that don't otherwise exist.

For example, if you or your spouse should die while your minor children are living, you can choose who would be their guardians. If a surviving spouse remarries, should he or she continue to have the use of your heirs' property? Who will be the executor of your estate? If an heir dies before you do, what provisions might you want to make for their children? If you have children from a previous marriage, what can they force your present spouse to do? Can the surviving husband or wife sell the heirship property? These are issues that can and should be decided through a will.

Also, what if one of you is incapacitated and cannot physically or mentally take care of his affairs? What if either or you has to be artificially kept alive because of illness or accident, who should make the decision to keep you on life support?

At Pharis Law Offices, we have eased many people's minds and made it easier on their heirs and loved ones by having clients execute three documents, a last will and testament, a (durable) power of attorney, and a living will. We provide safe deposit box storage for clients who need it and can help heirs with probate matters.

Why you need a lawyer to draft your will.

We have seen this several times in our experience: A wife or husband brings in her or his deceased mate's will. It has been drafted by a Notary or military office and contains confusing, contradictory, and illegal provisions. Sometimes the will is invalid.

Attorneys are required to take courses that teach about the rules of wills and succession law. Attorneys are professionals who should have experience in drafting wills and know the trouble spots and traps to avoid. Why should you place yourself in the hands of someone who doesn't have the education or experience in actually probating (have a court recognize and follow through on) your will? Please consult an experienced attorney on this very important subject.

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