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How we charge

At Pharis Law Offices, our fees are carefully explained at the outset. The following is a simplified explanation of how we charge in different situations:

  • Telephone call - calls directly to our office from potential clients are handled through the various secretaries. Fred Pharis's secretary will get detailed information about the case and usually inform the caller that Mr. Pharis or she will return the call. There is no fee charged for the return call.


  • Cases - cases actually taken by an attorney are handled basically four ways:



  • Straight contingency fee - cases involving regular cars, trucks, vans, etc., are most often handled on a contingency fee basis (percentage of recovery). Personal injury cases are handled this way.



  • Combination contingency fee and one-time charge - if the case involves mobile home, RV, or a more expensive item, there is usually a one-time charge, plus a contingency fee basis.



  • Hourly rate - hourly rates are occasionally charged when the client requests them in special situations, and usually for defense of suits.



  • Flat rates - successions, wills, powers of attorneys, living wills, and real estate transactions are charged on a flat rate, with the fee being quoted up front.



  • What about expenses? - are not fees and are usually in addition to the fee, although a flat rate will often include expenses.



* Please note: We represent clients only after a written representation agreement is signed. Neither a phone call nor a submission of the Lemon Law Evaluation form, from this website, constitutes a representation agreement.

Free Claim Evaluation Form for Louisiana Lemon Law!

Free Claim Evaluation Form for Louisiana Lemon Law!